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Our internal structure is one of master and apprentice. Each of our masters compliments and overlaps the others. Each of our masters has over 12 years’ experience and we never let an apprentice work unsupervised.

Among our areas of expertise are:


VB.Net, C#, Java, PHP


MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle


.Net, Hibernate, Unity, Struts, ASP.Net MVC, Spring, Castle, Joomla, DotNetNuke and more.

Types of projects we’ve worked on in the past:

Inventory Mgmt. systems, QuickBooks integrations, CRM systems, Claims processing, Club membership, Underwriting, Order entry, and many many more.

Sometimes we’ll determine that the best solution for a problem requires us to go outside our comfort zone and embrace a technology or framework we have not used before. When such an occasion arises we discount our rate commensurate with our productivity and work extra hard to cover our learning curve. Our first priority is to provide the best solution not promote a particular technology.

Dell Computers and Servers

Fast Forward is proud to be a registered member of Dell PartnerDirect.


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See our support and managed IT outsourcing services: Virtual Admin, Total IT.

Total IT

Total IT is a managed IT service with predictable costs designed to outsource the maintenance and management of your technology infrastructure allowing your employees to focus on your businesses core competencies. It's more than tech support. It is a total IT department at a fraction of the cost.

**This service it is only available in the Denver Metro area.

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Virtual Admin

Don't need a full IT department? Already have an technology plan and just want someone to carry it out and be on call when you need them.

Virtual Admin is the service for you. Our certified administrators will follow your lead and report to you. We will perform routine maintenance on a schedule you define and are available for upgrades or new projects as you need us.

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Website Development

Web sites have become a vital part of business. Even if your business does not need e-Commerce your website often makes a first impression for your customers and partners. Our designers and developers will craft you a site that showcases your business.


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